Pompei and Mount Vesuvius excursion

An amazing full day tour with one of our knowledgeable drivers who will pick you up directly from your rented accommodation. Our driver has an extensive knowledge of the territory, art, history, culture and landscapes.

One of the most important examples of Roman civilization is "SCAVI DI POMPEI" It was 79 AD, the tragedy was immense in what had been one of the busiest and most beautiful centers of Roman empire stopped forever in time. We can see the terrible tragedy that has consumed and how the great eruption has killed and exterminated. Cruel but fascinating at the same time, seems to relive those feelings of fear and horror.

We can add also a private English tour guide for museum . Our driver is happy to suggest restaurants for an authentic Italian dining experience during your day of touring. You will finish your tour with a visit to Mount Vesuvius; it is the only active volcano in continental Europe, the most populated (20 municipalities with a total of 400,000 residents) and is also the most extensively studied volcano on Earth.

Estimated time: full day


Frozen in time

Feel like a Roman