Wine Tasting excursion in Tramonti

This tour is the ideal for those of you that want to spend your day exclusively sightseeing and enjoying the landscape of the Amalfi Coast through vineyards and hills. On steep terraces carved into the sides of the torn mountains, are grown aromatic grapes from which wine is obtained Tramonti Costa d'Amalfi DOC. The wine of Tenuta San Francesco is produced in 7 hectares of vineyards, the oldest of which were planted in the early twentieth century with autochthonous engrafted, raised in the typical pergola system .

In this wine production factory “TENUTA SAN FRANCESCO” will familiarize you with viniculture and the wine making process. You will also be able to taste the wines and buy some bottles directly from winemaker and at same time you can taste the excellent mozzarella, cheeses, meats and vegetables made in Italy .

The tour continues on to Ravello where you will have a chance to explore the City and discover all of the city’s top attractions such as the magnificent Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone.

Estimated time: 6 to 7 hrs. If you are not tired , you can enjoy the dinner in Ravello town too .

Enjoy the scenery

Have fun

Dine in Paradise